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Sexy paws by 10animallover10 Sexy paws :icon10animallover10:10animallover10 6 0 Blue. by steph--95 Blue. :iconsteph--95:steph--95 22 4 Depression by DestinyBlue Depression :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 35,626 3,771
Few of my memories remain,
but most I recall with disdain.
I remember when my soul died,
and how no one near me cried.
My dreams were once filled with joy,
they were twisted in an insidious ploy.
Once fantasies of creativity and light,
now they waken me in the night.
Shadows slither and devour,
all humanity for them to sour.
Salvation and revival are lost,
to continue living was that cost.
My mind became cold and petrified,
holding only the thoughts of the terrified.
Slowly my soul begins to rust,
all I have now is a heart of dust.
:iconrabidoctopus:RabidOctopus 8 3
Epedanidae by melvynyeo Epedanidae :iconmelvynyeo:melvynyeo 258 14
Caged Hearts and Governing Minds
My heart still loves
it yearns for you
it won’t let go
no matter what we do
Music plays
it starts to weep
the memories
that it still keeps
I see you
my heart takes flight
inside of me
a raging fight
My heart holds dear
to all of you
But my mind
has plans anew
My mind is clear
it’s changed its course
but my heart is screaming
it’s getting hoarse
My mind knows now
that this can’t be
there is no “ever after”
for you and me
My mind is right
this is where we part
even if
it breaks my heart
I’ll be okay
I’ll continue to grow
and maybe someday
my heart will let go
:iconpenguinscrazy08:penguinsCrazy08 3 3
The despair,
Avoiding it is futile,
no matter where I go,
It's there.
I can't breath,
Drowning in this black abyss,
Silently screaming,
I am ignored.
Can you help me?
Will you help me?
Do I bother you?
Do you even want me?
:iconenvy-you:Envy-You 3 0
Jared by uniccin Jared :iconuniccin:uniccin 55 17 Red Riding Hood by OlgaWilson Red Riding Hood :iconolgawilson:OlgaWilson 133 21 Dark Dreams by Deena-Lee-Sauve Dark Dreams :icondeena-lee-sauve:Deena-Lee-Sauve 51 36
The Fear
Me being myself
And the world being itself
Has found me being fearful
fearful of being alone
Yet i cant seem to find
the courage
to tell the one i love
my feelings for her
i go unnoticed
living in the fear of rejection
i want to tell her i love her
but i fear her reaction
will she hug me
and tell me she feels the same?
or will she say
she doesn't have those same feelings
that i seem to have
and doom me to be alone again
forever fearful of wanting to show
my inner feelings
my emotions
that leave me vulnerable
the inner turmoil
of my heart and mind
battling each other
over the want of love
and the fear of rejection
has left me broken
and scared
of what her feelings for me could be
would i have a chance?
will i be able to love again?
these questions and more
haunt me every night
when my mind seems most active
leaving me doubtful
that i will ever be loved
by the one i love the most
:iconlifedeath67:lifedeath67 9 10
RIP Nini by AnaFSimao RIP Nini :iconanafsimao:AnaFSimao 24 2 Web Love Stamp by ShadowXEyenoom Web Love Stamp :iconshadowxeyenoom:ShadowXEyenoom 261 49 They can by RandomStamps They can :iconrandomstamps:RandomStamps 104 21
How to love
Living in a daydream
Moments flow by unseen
Like a photo that is fading
We are standing here waiting
Afraid to face the road
Bagage being such a heavy load
But well find a way to cross
No matter what the cost
Always thought you'd never know
What it's like to be hit by cupid's bow
Even if only for a little while
You were never meant to walk down the isle
But when it's over and you've had enough
At least you taught her how to love
Hoping for a fairytale
Knowing that they aren't real
But everyone's got a little part
That still believes, in their heart
The seed is buried in your hand
Didn't bloom as long as planned
But it'd bloomed into a rose
That's our secret no one knows
Always thought you'd never know
What it's like to be hit by cupid's bow
Even if only for a little while
You were never meant to walk down the isle
But when it's over and you've had enough
At least you taught her how to love
At first so cynical, cynical
didn't dare to fly cause you're afraid to fall
At first so cynical,
:iconisasongs:isasongs 18 7
The Words you Don't want to Hear
By the time,
You read this...
:iconzalaria:Zalaria 253 127




United States
So this is pretty much my vent page. Thank you for taking the time to actually read this. Honestly I would be very surprised if anyone did, but very grateful.

I have wanted to make a page like this for a while. Somewhere I can say whatever I want and not care if anyone reads it. I do have a regular DA page, but I don't want to link it to this one. I want them both to be separate. I don't want my page that I actually care about to be full of vent journals. But I think writing everything out in a journal is a great way to relieve stress and sort out thoughts. And if someone actually takes the time to comment, even better. If not, then no harm done.

So for about all my life I have wanted to live outside of the country. Not because I hate it here in the states but because I want to see the rest of the world. Now that I am old enough I can finally make that dream come true. The only problem is that I'm not exactly sure how. I don't know where to start or even where to move to or really how to do it. The smart thing would be to move to a place where they primarily speak English, as that is the only language I know. But I am not opposed to learning a language if I have to. It's just hard to pick one.

It's just the more I think about it the harder it becomes. There is so much planning involved and so many things to consider. Sometimes I wonder if its really for the best. This is something I have always wanted to do, but if I really go through with it I would be leaving all my friends and family behind. This is just something that has been on my mind for a long time now.  


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